Shipping & Refunds

DISCLOSURE displays various products or services, and may be compensated by other parties for reviewing and displaying these various products.


Amazon and other Merchants supply products that are displayed on this website.

  1. Products purchased through Amazon are processed directly through their website, and Amazon is then responsible for completing the purchase process including shipping to the customer. Amazon will display on their website the shipping options available for each product.
  2. Products available by Suppliers other than Amazon that are displayed on can be purchased directly through our website.
    Once the orders are processed, the customer shipping information and payment is forwarded to the supplier who in turn ships the product to our customer.
    Shipping and delivery for most of these products takes about 7 to 10 days.
    For larger and heavier products, the customer is notified if the delivery time is estimated to be longer than 10 days.
    If there is a delay for any other reasons, the customer will also be notified by email of the estimated delay.
    If the delay is longer than acceptable, the customer will be given the choice to keep the order open or to cancel the order and request a refund.


Refund Policy depends on each individual product.

Amazon purchases are handled entirely through Amazon and Refunds are based on their policy and procedure, which is explained on their website.

For products that are not sold through Amazon, there will be a notice of Refund Policy in the product’s description page.
The products that require a separate refund policy, the information will be shown on that product’s Details page, along with Pricing and Shipping information.


All products displayed on are the responsibility of the manufactures regarding their quality. and and its management is not responsible or liable for any defects or problems that may occur from the purchase of products through our website.
Products are covered through each manufacturer’s warranty for any defects or quality of materials.

While reviews and displays other company’s products, it is not directly part of any of the companies mentioned on website other than by referring their products and descriptions.
Company names, products, logos, trade marks and any other proprietary intellectual property or otherwise belong to the rightful owner.